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We are an awarded vendor with several cooperatives, including:

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  • ESC Region 01 -  Buy Speed
  • ESC Region 02 - Good Buy
  • ESC Region 06 - EPIC 6
  • ESC Region 08 - TIPS
  • ESC Region 15 - 791 Coop



Current Pricing Sheet

How Cyber-Safe is Your District?
September 15, 2022

How sure are you about where your district stands with regard to cybersecurity?    Have you implemented all of the safeguards and controls that you need to keep your data safe?

For the most part all of us are doing what we can to keep the hackers out of our networks, and out data secure.  Much like your house at night, you check the doors and windows to be sure your family is safe, but leaving just one door or window unsecure provides the avenue of entry for an unsavory character.  Like your home, your district cybersecurity requires constant vigilance.  It is impossible to provide 100% certainty that your district is totally safe from a cyber-attack.  You do what you can with the resources that you have and hope it is enough.

C1 Cyber has developed a tool that your school district can use to objectively rate itself against all 46 Department of Information Resources (DIR) security objectives.  This assessment provides specific questions along with a rubric to guide your scoring.  It not only aligns to the Texas DIR Cybersecurity Framework, but also to 20 out of 23 categories in the National Institute of Science and Technology (NIST) Cybersecurity Framework, the Center for Internet Security (CIS) Controls v8, and 22 generalized categories like Access Control, Network Management, Malware Defenses, and Data Protection.

The entire assessment consist of 127 questions along with their associated scoring rubric to help guide districts to the appropriate score.  The questions are administered through a set of 13 online videos.  Each video contains approximately 10 questions, which allows district staff to conduct the entire assessment in ne sitting, or break it up over several days or weeks.  For districts that would like a more hands-on approach, the assessment can be administered through live one-on-one video-conference.  Once completed, the district scoring is analyzed and a report package is produced with detailed information about how the district scored against the previously mentioned frameworks. 

We are currently offering this Cybersecurity Posture Assessment as a package that includes an hour of consulting, for $315*.  We are an awarded vendor with most of the Regional ESCs, and districts using one of these contracts will receive a 15% discount on the package price. 

NEW!!!  C1 Cyber is currently assembling an easy to use manual that will accompany this assessment instrument to provide clear, concise guidance on how to improve any score.  Through a table in the appendices, users will be able to look up the question they scored low on, or the category they scored low in, or a specific DIR or NIST category, and quickly be pointed to the exact CIS Control Safeguard(s) that will improve their score along with specific guidance on how to implement each safeguard.  This manual will also be able to be used independently of the assessment to guide districts on the steps to take to implement one or more CIS Controls safeguards. 

Jeffrey W. Harris is an IT Consultant specializing in Cybersecurity and can be reached at, or (956) 793-1700

* The $315 price assumes that the district will use the video self-assessment.   For districts who want a one-to-one online assessment there will be an additional $145/hour consulting charge (also subject to the 15% discount).