Self-Provisioned Fiber Consulting


Several years ago, the FCC made changes to the ERate program that now allows school districts to use category one ERate funding to assist in paying for schools to own their own fiber optic WAN.  Certainly, for some districts this has long been a dream – since the thought of eliminating recurring costs to provide network connectivity to your schools seems very attractive.

There are potential hidden costs that need to be considered before you decide if installing your own fiber is the right choice.    Fiber maintenance costs must be factored in – these include not only repairs for fiber cuts, but also include the day-to-day costs of performing cable locates if your fiber is in the ground.  There may be costs associated with obtaining right-of-way to install your fiber, cost for pole attachments if your fiber is aerial, and other potential ongoing costs.

C1 Fiber, LLC can assist school districts in determining if self-provisioned fiber would be a cost-effective solution, either for the entire wide-area network, or merely for connections to selected schools.  C1 FIber can asses with services including: consultation, design assistance, ERate consulting, and more.

Give us a call today and let's start a discussion about how self-provisioned fiber may be right for you.


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