RFP Evaluation Consulting


C1 Fiber, LLC can assist with conducting an apples-to-apples total cost of ownership evaluation of proposals for self-provisioned fiber WAN projects.   In these evaluations, there are specific criteria that are required to be considered in the evaluation process.   C1 Fiber can ensure that the pricing comparison meets these requirements.

RFP evaluation consulting can also mean reviewing your bidding documents before putting them out for bid in order to reduce any ambiguity in your bid specifications, and to reduce the number of questions that you might need to answer.   Along this vein, it is important to remember that if you answer questions that could be construed as changing the type and/or quantity of products and services, it could affect your 28-day waiting period.  It is always better to spell everything out as clearly as possible in the original bidding documents so as to minimize questions.

C1 Fiber can review and make recommendations on changes to your specifications that will strengthen your bidding documents and help keep questions to a minimum.


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