Fiber-Optic LAN Consulting

Is your local-area network (LAN) designed to provide optimal service? 

  • C1 Fiber, LLC can assist with by analyzing the network from a design perspective to identify potential issues.

Are there bottlenecks in your LAN that are creating issues for your users? 

  • C1 Fiber, LLC can assist by reviewing network flow to identify these bottlenecks and recommend solutions to improve network traffic flow.

Is your school district in the planning stages for a new school or administrative building?

  • C1 Fiber, LLC can assist with planning in new construction by providing guidance for placement of the main distribution facility (MDF), intermediate distribution facilities (IDF), and cable pathways.  
  • Providing a comprehensive package to the architect that details the requirements for MDF, IDFs, cable pathways, and conduit/boxes for data drops provides an efficient way to have a building ready to be wired without putting your copper and fiber cabling installation in the hands of a general contractor – and C1 fiber, LLC can help you prepare this document.




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