RFP Specifications Consulting


Bidding specifications need to provide potential vendors a clear understanding of what you need.   Poorly written specifications lead to vendor questions, or potentially receiving bids for products and/or services that do not meet your intent. 

Something as simple as a network switch requires a lot of detail…

  • How many ports, and what speeds do the ports need to accommodate?
  • Does it need to include power over ethernet (POE) capability?   -  If so, should it be POE or POE+, and what are your total wattage requirements?   (which will drive what power supplies you need)
  • Does the switch need to be able to provide layer-3 switching?
  • What kind of uplink capability do you require (speed as well as copper, MM or SM fiber)
  • Do the switches need to be stackable?

Financial Plan text concept on green digital world map background
There is no such thing as a simple bid!
C1 Fiber, LLC has over 20 years of experience in writing bid specifications.  We strive to provide the details vendors need in order to provide the products and services you need.  Whether you need bid specifications for building a self-provisioned fiber-optic WAN, cabling for a new building, switches, routers, wireless access points – C1 Fiber will help you get exactly what you are looking for.