Posture Assessment


C1 Fiber, LLC dba C1 Cyber offers an exclusive cybersecurity posture assessment. 

The assessment itself is administered1 using videos2 that talks you through each question and provides a scoring rubric.  The questions are spread across 13 videos to enable organizations to conduct the assessment at their own pace, and spread it out over several days if needed.  Once the district scores are submitted to C1 Cyber, it usually takes only a couple of days to provide a comprehensive set of reports that include:

  • Category Report covering 22 categories, such as Access Control, Asset Management, Malware Defenses, Planning, and Staffing
  • CIS Controls v8 Report covering all 18 control groups, as well as Disaster Planning, Policy/Procedures & Standard, and Staffing
  • Texas DIR CSF Report covering all 46 security objectives
  • NIST CSF Report covering 20 of the 23 NIST categories

1 The assessment can also be administered via web conference for an additional fee.

2 Videos are available through the C1 Cyber YouTube Channel at



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